Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am Lauren, red nail polish enthusiast

Nothing beats a good red. Sure, I'll go for various shades of pink and purple, but a solid red just can't be beat... It's classic and it NEVER goes out of style!

My red polish of choice, these days, is O.P.I.'s "The Thrill of Brazil." It works wonders with my creamy (pasty?) white skin, which is slightly ironic, for I highly doubt that anyone remotely as pale as myself could be found in a place like Brazil! Perhaps the polish is so powerful (it does work wonders, after all) that it could make a person like me stand out among those stereotypical Brazilian babes... Gisele B√ľndchen better watch out!! Or, maybe it gives me the thrill of Brazil without the trauma of being seen in a Brazilian bikini!?!

Regardless... it looks good... and it's the right red for me!

Finding the right red isn't easy! It can be truly overwhelming, considering how outrageously many shades of red are out there! It can take time, but, trust me, finding the right red is truly worth the hunt!

Just look what it does to this look! Imagine your juicy red toenails peeping out of the insane Givenchy wedges!! The right red polish is the perfect accent to this already fabulous outfit!
(and some red lips couldn't hurt either!!)
So be it "The Thrill of Brazil," "Big Apple Red," "Cajun Shrimp," or "I'm Not Really a Waitress," your remarkably right red polish is out there waiting for you to find it!! And once you find it, you'll be ready to tackle an even more foreboding task... finding the right red lipstick!!