Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am Lauren, cheese enthusiast

I've always been a little different... never quite the norm. I've been aware of this for quite some time, but for some reason it took a $15 hunk of Manchego cheese for it to really sink in... I am so not normal.

College students are supposed to eat Velveeta and Kraft, not fine exotic cheeses. What's wrong with me? I get such a thrill from just browsing the gourmet cheese stand in the grocery store... and about once a month I let myself splurge on a new type of cheese. I used to go through these cheeses like they were blocks of cheddar from the dairy isle, until I realized why I could never leave the grocery store without spending less than $60... it's the darn (but delicious) cheese! So now I stick to my trusty (yet tasty) $3 Kraft Extra Sharp Cheddar for everyday use and save the Havarti, Emmentaler, and Edam for special occasions.

Unfortunately, this is often how I feel when I share my delicacies with others...
Those who have attended any of my dinner parties might possibly relate.

Now, I'm not a total cheese snob! Just this morning I had cheese toast topped with a slice of American. I'll note, though, that it was most certainly NOT the individually wrapped kind. I like to keep a pack of American slices for grilled cheese and cheese toast. mmm. Everything else I've tried just gets too greasy... especially cheddar.

I'm not afraid to try new types of cheese... stinky cheese, slimy cheese, creamy cheese, chunky cheese, you name it. So far, I've only encountered one cheese that I never care to taste again... the Czech Republic's famous olomoucké tvarůžky, known for its pungent smell and deep yellow color.

yuck! I can't even begin to describe it... if you're ever in the Czech Republic, you simply must try it for yourself.

One of these days, I hope to be some kind of wacky cheese connoisseur. Perhaps I'll take a class at a culinary institute or even go on a European cheese tour (seriously?!). But for now, why don't we share a lovely cheese plate at Caviar and Bananas...

p.s. does anyone remember the stinky cheese man?!?!